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  • Eight plus years of experience in research and academia.

  • Proficiency in R and Python.

  • Published two statistical packages to R-core repository (CRAN) with git version control.

  • Exceptional skills in statistical analysis, predictive modelling, forecasting and reporting.

  • Visited United States of America with NASA funding as a member of GOFC-GOLD South Asia.

  • Received full funding to attend training programs, conducted in affiliation with United Nations.

  • Worked in close collaboration with Indian Space Research Organisation.

Data Scientist at Z&A inc​
(February 2019 - present)
  • Zettalabs, the product wing of Z&A inc., had two products-Zettasense and Zettainsights in its portfolio.

  • I am working on development of various algorithms for solving record linkage or deduplication problem along with data standardization and normalization across various data sources and data formats.

  • Apart from these two products, our team is also involved in game schedule optimization for NFL (USA). The scheduling with NFL constrains is a trillion possibilities problem and our team is developing algorithms for massive parallelization to generate and validate the game schedules. I am responsible for solving permutations and combinations math and validating the generated schedules using distance metrices.


Research Scholar at Anna University
(January 2013 to February 2019)


  • Time series satellite imagery and socio-economic datasets were processed to identify the drivers of land use change.

  • Developed two open-source packages ‘modifiedmk’ and ‘trendchange’ in R-language to perform non-parametric trend analysis on time-series data (More than 20k downloads from CRAN).

  • Correlation and regression analysis, dimensionality reduction techniques were used to identify the associations and dissociations in the data.

  • Future Land Use predictions maps were generated using Cellular Automata (CA), Markovian and Agent-Based Models (ABM).


Junior Research Fellow at ISRO
(March 2012 to November 2012)


  • Worked as research follow in ISRO-GBP project- Monitoring land use dynamics and impacts on human dimensions at Indian River basins.

  • Modelling the past and future changes in land use using supervised and unsupervised methods.

  • Collected primary data and secondary data for identifying the impact of human dimensions on land use change.


Remote Sensing


Land Use Land Cover Modelling

Data Science

Exploratory Data Analysis

Data Clustering

Data Classification

Dimensionality Reduction

Statistical Testing



Bayesian Models

Cellular Automata Modelling

Markov Models

Time-series Analysis

Predictive Analytics











PhD at Anna University


  • Land Use/ Land Cover Modelling and Climate Induced Agricultural Vulnerability Assessment in an Arid region of South India

Master of Technology
Remote Sensing (2011)
  • First class with CGPA 7.25 out of 10 and project internship at Indian Space Research Organization.

Bachelor of Engineering

​E.C.E. (2009)

  • First class with 68 percent and project internship at National Atmospheric Research Laboratory

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